Canoe Paddle Workshop

It is through the canoe paddle workshop that men learn about Whetstone Adventures in the Boundary Waters wilderness and spend a good day with their children learning some new skills. Whetstone ministries exists to glorify God, to serve the church, and to encourage men in their relationships with God, partners and children.

Anyone can participate. The paddle workshop can be for the whole family but especially is a good opportunity for dads to spend some time with their children in a practical craft. Whetstone will provide one paddle blank per family. Instruction and demonstration will be provided. Additional paddles will incur a nominal fee to cover costs. Any young person 13 years and older may make their own paddle. Younger children will make their paddle with their dad or mom.

How can you schedule an event for your group or church?

  1. It takes a leader of a church or men’s group to call and invite us to come. (see contact info) We can share more details with the leader as to the schedule of events for the day and needs that we will have to conduct the event. Our available weekends are in January, February and March.
  2. To make it very easy for a dad, we bring all the tools and paddle blanks. All a dad has to do is carve out a Saturday and make this a special time with his son or daughter.
  3. Costs: One paddle per family is at no charge, additional paddles are 15.00 dollars each.

Typical workshop schedule

Contact information

Ron Fuhrman
Whetstone Adventures
Canoe Paddle Workshop

Our Mission

Whetstone exists to glorify God in our calling to service.

We take opportunities to minister as they become available. Outdoor wilderness adventures are one of our core services. We also provide teaching, preaching, camps, fishing trips, family camps, construction skills camp, canoe paddle workshops are some of the ways we minister.

We attempt to build men up in a world that tears men down and destroys families. The Bible is taught to encourage men in their calling as Christian fathers and husbands.
Whetstone uses the outdoors “classroom” to encourage men in their relationships with God and with their families.

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